Project: 2017 Review

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One of the best parts of designing and hand carving monuments are the stories. I hear love stories and life stories of the ones we are to remember. Family members share photos and the stories captured within them.
This is the time of year we gather with family and friends to celebrate. Let’s turn to each other and ask about someone who has died. Ask the question, “ Tell me about your Mother, your Father, your Mother’s Mother, your son or daughter.” And listen, r e a l l y listen. To those who have buried a beloved you ache to talk about them. You long for us to ask about them. To hear their name spoken fills the heart with joy! What a gift we give each other when we ask and then listen with much love.

May you journey joyfully,

The work we do here as a team, continues to sustain and challenge us to give each family a one of a kind monument. There is no catalog our families look through. Each monument is a work of art created with great care and love for this craft. We are grateful for the trust each family gives us. Please call us so we may listen and create your monument.

With Gratitude,
Karin Sprague, Owner & Designer
Tracy Mahaffey, Principal Sculptor
Javier Alfonzo, Principal Letter Carver
Kathy Bruneau, Project & Office manager