Project: Bates Family Gravemarker


  • Bates Family Gravestone Front
  • Bates Family Gravestone Back
  • Bates Family Gravestone
  • Bates Family Gravemarker
  • Bates Family Gravemarker
  • Bates Gravestone
  • Bates Family Gravemarker


- “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.” -

These words were written by Edan Ahbez and first sung by Nat King Cole in the song,
“Nature Boy”. It is said that when a death occurs, the love remains. Love is the greatest gift.

At a young age I remember asking my mother, “Mom, how will I know when it’s really love?”
“You won’t have to ask me.” She said.

The Bates monument is hand carved in slate. It honors a family of four...Mother, Father & two children. Their names and dates are a circle which has no beginning and no end once all the dates are filled in. The symbol of the heart / love is at the center of it all. The words on the second side were written by Ruth . ”Take joy in each breathe...Notice all that is good & beautiful in the world.”

Designing a family monument begins with a phone call. I look forward to listening.

With Gratitude,