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The art of remembering!


Hand Carved Memorial Stones

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Gravestones Carved By Hand In Rhode Island Provide Comfort – And Joy

By Jill Kaufman • Dec 24, 2018
NE Public Radio

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Monuments &
Grave Markers

Custom gravestones from Karin Sprague Stone Carvers are unique as the individuals they represent. From straightforward and simple to highly symbolic and elaborate, each stone is carved with love, compassion and a deep sense of ministry. 

Memorials &
Celebration Stones

It isn't always the mourning who commission us to carve gravestones. About one-third of our clients comission thier own gravestone. Sometimes it's a couple looking to create a shared memorial to represent a well-spent life together rather than simply to mark their passing. 

Historical Reproductions
& Architectural Features

When handling pre-existing stonework, architectural stone features, or historical reproductions, we take care to match or compliment the existing or period-specific style. With our knowledge of the idiosyncrasies in different stones we create a piece of art that fits both material and memorial.