Memorial Stone Process: Stone Type

"A memorial stone can represent a couple's well-spent life together rather than simply to mark their passing. Sometimes it's a gift..."

-Karin Sprague

Watch the video below for an overview of stone types.

Stone Types


I enjoy using natural granite boulders and adding a hidden feature such as a niche inset or setting a slate tablet into the face of the rock with an inscription.


White statuary marble from Italy is translucent and allows us to create three completely unique dimensional sculptural elements. A beautiful choice for a classic monuments but must be set onto a granite base for longevity.


Indiana limestone is a beautiful stone to hand carve and incorporate three dimensional sculptural elements. Must be placed on a granite base for longevity.


My most favorite material to use when creating monuments. The extremely fine grain allows for delicate detail and it is the traditional material used in old New England burial grounds

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