The art of remembering!

Remembering Bud Collins

Recently, I attended a graveside ceremony at Mount Auburn Cemetery to bury the ashes and unveil the monument of Bud Collins. Bud’s wife Anita invited family and friends to gather and most importantly PARTICIPATE in this sacred ceremony.

Stories were shared, tears were shed and laughter mixed with bird song as we stood overlooking willow pond under blue sky.

A son and daughter unveiled the monument that was covered with Bud’s vibrant, colorful fabrics.

At Anita’s request we each were invited to help return Bud’s ashes to Mother Earth. A line was formed and one by one we scooped a silver spoonful of Bud’s ashes and poured them into the open earth.

A final flute song was performed. The sound surrounded us and carried the Spirit of Bud Collins blessing us all with his joyful and wonderful love.

With deep gratitude,


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Click on the image below to view the sky and listen to the flute playing during the ceremony.

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