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The art of remembering!

The Art of Remembering

Since 1996

Karin Sprague Stone Carvers, Inc., is a small, highly personalized stone-carving studio nestled in the woods of Northern Rhode Island. Karin Sprague and her select team of highly skilled artisans work together to create remarkable beauty that endures.

In 1996 after working 12 years as a woodcarver, a defining moment showed up in Karin Sprague's life. Her father-in-law, whom Karin was very close to, died suddenly. A previous two-day stone carving class with David Klinger in 1991 gave her the confidence as she felt led to carve her father-in-law's gravestone entirely on her own. 

In the midst of carving the first gravestone for her father-in law, an article was written about the work in the local paper and Karin received four commissions to carve gravestones for other families. With this her life's work as a gravestone designer was discovered.

For Karin, creating custom gravestones is not just a business. There is a ministry to her work and a strong sense of compassion and healing. Growing up Karin wanted to be a priest, yet her artistic sensibilities led her to work with her hands. In her role as a memorial gravestone designer she marries both her spiritual and creative talents.

But it takes more than one pair of talented hands to make the work coming out of Karin Sprague Stone Carvers. The current team includes letter carver and graphic designer, Javier Alfonzo, Apprentice, Michael Brahce, Sculpter, Rob Gil, and Karin's daughter and co-designer, Kristin Sprague.

A talentof another kind also keep the shop in working order. Thanks to Project Manager, Kathy Bruneau the behind the scenes is never forgotten. Kathy manages the office and keeps the business end of the studio in high order. She graces the studio with her presence as she goes about her work quietly and efficiently, keeping the accounts balanced and the projects flowing smoothly.

The patience and skill of Karin's team can clearly be seen in the detailed handwork and the fine-tuned design work of the carvers themselves according to the will of the stone. Much like Karin's work listening deeply to her clients before designing a stone for thier loved one, a carver must honor and listen to the slate itself as it responds to the chisel.

"I have been blessed to have an incredibly talented and deeply compassionate team to join me in my life's work," Karin says of her team members. "I am able to minister to my clients so fully and create for them so freely and follow this deep calling for the work that I do because of the work that my team does."

Our Mission

Our team of expert artisans use and pursue their gifts  and talents by listening compassionately, then designing and hand carving memorials, fostering lasting  relationships and shared healing through the "Art of Remembering."

Making hand carved memorials is our ministry.

If you are thinking about making a custom piece for yourself or a loved one, contact us and start the creative and healing process of memorialization.