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The art of remembering!

Tombstones & Gravemarkers

Custom gravestones from Karin Sprague Stone Carvers are unique as the individuals they represent. From straightforward and simple to highly symbolic and elaborate, each stone is carved with love, compassion and a deep sense of ministry.

Names and dates may be simply stated in straight traditional lines or painstakingly carved in the shape of a perfect circle. Solid rectangles, rounded corners, beveled edges and tall monument-like stones are some of the more common shapes, yet we've also worked on completely organic and natural stone as is from the earth.

The lettering styles vary from traditional Roman to elegant calligraphy to modern block, with many variations in between. The letters are carefully drawn by hand and then transferred, to scale, onto the slate.

And then there are the symbols filled with deeply individualistic meaning. Historic or religious, modern or iconic, each carved or sculpted image lends yet one more bit of remembrance to a loved one's grave.

Whether carving traditional v-cut letters, raised letters, carved symbols or adorning sculptures, with every stroke and fine line of remembrance, the skill, patience and compassion of the carvers is evident.

For a compassionate confidential telephone consultation, call Karin Sprague at 401.934.3105 or use our contact form to have Karin contact you.