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The art of remembering!

Tombstones & Gravemarkers

Custom gravestones made in the Karin Sprague Stone Carvers studio are as unique as the individuals they memorialize. Whether straightforward and simple, or elaborate and highly symbolic, each stone from design to install is created with love, compassion and a deep sense of ministry.

Names and dates may be laid out in straight lines across the stone or can be carefully carved into the shape of a perfect circle. Lettering styles vary from traditional Roman to elegant calligraphy to modern block lettering. 

The monument may take a classic and austere rectangular shape, or perhaps be designed with beveled edges. We have also carved into natural boulders to create some of our monuments.

We integrate the use of personal symbolism into the sculptural elements of a memorial’s design. Each feature, whether historic or modern, religious or iconic, is designed, carved, and sculpted to bring meaning and remembrance to a life lived.

For a compassionate confidential telephone consultation, call Karin Sprague at 401.934.3105 or use our contact form to have Karin contact you.