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The art of remembering!

Honoring and remembering many with one monument.


  • Multiple names inscribed on one headstone or one monument with the burial of cremated remains on or off location.

  • Name engravings occuring in advance or following a recent death.


  • To continue using an area of the cemetery once thought fully subscribed.

  • In the case that a large above ground columbarium structure would be inappropriate.

Shared Memorials

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Some of our shared memorial projects

Mount Auburn Cemetery

A stone table at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Mount Auburn, MA, will have the names of those memorialized hand-carved on its surface. Cremated remains will be buried in the earth below.

Wellesley Congregational Church

Six shared memorials stand at the Wellesley Congregational Church in Wellesley, MA. In a 250-year-old cemetery, where there was thought to be no additional burial space, an unused carriage path was repurposed into a memorial pathway. Cremated remains are interred and names subsequently hand-cut onto both sides of the slate, whose traditional head-and-shoulders silhouettes fit seamlessly into the historic cemetery.

Call Karin Sprague at 401.934.3105 to begin the process of designing a beautiful shared memorial in your cemetery or contact us online.