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The art of remembering!

Where Tradition
Meets Zen

Know the studio, you will know the artist

Karin Sprague and her team of artisans work in a rustic barn tucked into the woods of Scituate, Rhode Island. When you step inside, you feel as though you've entered an earlier time. In the colder months, the warmth of a wood-fired stove greets you, above which sits a shelf of antique tools, remnants of the studio’s prior use by a stone mason. 

The first floor houses a desk, a drafting table and two large workbenches for sketching, design and prototypes. Three fixed easels are spread out for carvers to work simultaneously. Above these easels, built into the ceiling joists, is a steel support beam where a chain hoist can be used to move stones in and out of the studio or across the room.

From the pulley system to the tools, and even down to the roaring fire, one is surrounded by all things moved or created by caring hands. Carbide-tip chisels lay beside a grinding stone which sharpens them to just the right edge for each cut into the stone. And, beside each workstation you can see the respective carver's favorite hand-worn mallet. 

The only glimpse of the 21st century is the computer tucked away on the second floor of the studio. Yet even when you're in sight of the computer, the constant tnk-tnk-tnking of the carvers' chisels tapping below remind one of an older time and that you stand witness to a long-standing tradition. 

The upper room as it is called, was specially designed and renovated to provide a quiet space for client meetings, reflection, and  for contemplative design work. This room stays true to its purpose. You feel an immediate zen-like calm as you enter. There is a sitting area with a couch and rocking chairs, a large antique rolltop desk and a full wall of small windows. This is the place to open your heart and share stories and photos of the loved one you're here to remember and Karin will guide you each step of the way.

The journey begins with a compassionate and confidential telephone consultation with Karin Sprague at (401) 934-3105. 

Do you love our stone carvings?

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