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The art of remembering!

Sculpture & Architecture

Whether laying on the ground to carve new dates into an existing gravestone or standing on scaffolding to carve letters and symbols into a building's architecture, Karin Sprague Stone Carvers takes great pains to match and complement the existing lettering styles while being true to the time period. We also understand and take into account the nature and idiosyncrasies of the different types of stone when receiving the strokes of a chisel.

Much of our work also includes illustrations and symbols in raised relief . The headstone of a playful little girl shows a young barefooted angel skipping as if to be jumping rope or bouncing through a field, wings and arms outspread in a gentle innocence. An adorably plump gentle hippo lies atop the gravestone of a young man with a fondness for the zoo. A slow creeping turtle, its shell in full detail, appears to be crawling along the top of a young man's tombstone.

And then there are stones that include a full-blown piece of sculpture, speaking volumes with its very small—or sometimes very grand—presence. An intricately sculpted angel sits hunched with feathers in full detail atop one stone looking watchful and deep in thought over the grave site of a woman with an affinity for angels. And the wife of a soldier killed in service chose to have clasped hands hanging within an open circle in the center of his gravestone. She and he, eternally holding hands and in love, as if only on a lovely stroll together, hands swinging between them.

To discuss your sculptural or architectural carving needs, please contact Karin Sprague at 401.934.3105 or use our contact form to arrange a preliminary telephone consultation.