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The art of remembering!

Chronicle 5 WCVB from Boston visited the studio to report on conversations surrounding death

It's not easy to talk about death, but such conversations can lighten the burden of grief in the present and in the future. Telling the story of someone who has died to compassionate ears deals with grief in the present. Talking to your family and loved ones about end-of-life wishes prepares for a time of grieving yet to come. 

Chronicle 5 WCVB from Boston touched on this difficult discussion for their March 28th evening report. We welcomed them into the studio and shared how we put our hands and hearts to work. Our goal: listen deeply to the story of a person who has died and through that story, design and carve by hand an artful memorial that will accompany a family through one part of the grieving process.

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When working in stone, progress is not always visible in a single day, but a year's time reveals the chisel's steady work. And, despite our new knowledge of pneumatic stone-cutting acquired through a workshop with Al Williams from Chester Granite, we know that the work done over time is what creates a lasting memorial.         

Together with my team, I thank those families who have trusted our process and let us create beautiful, hand-carved memorials for their loved ones in 2023. 

With Gratitude, 
Karin Sprague